Vänoxa ohoj! -sailing

Sun 6.8. 10:00-16:00 Eugenia yacht

Welcome to enjoy a music-filled day cruise in the archipelago! Fiddlers Jimmy Träskelin and Mika Keihäs join you on board the yacht Eugenia for a unique excursion to the island of Vänoxa. During the day there will be traditional music from Kimitoön and the surrounding area and singing against the background of nature experiences and maritime atmosphere. The music sounds both on Eugenia's deck and after disembarking at Vänoxa, where workshops in archipelago traditions are also organized during the day. Bring your own instrument and join the fiddling team!

Fiddlers Ahoy! is a series of events under the regime of Norpas ry, which aims to bring music to the rural areas of the Kimitoön archipelago and give people the opportunity to participate either as an audience or by performing themselves. During 2023, fiddling evenings will be organized around the archipelago, where the archipelago fiddler Jimmy Träskelin plays music alone or together with the audience. The project is supported by the Central Commission for the Arts - Read more about the activities ohoj.fi!

Eugenia departs from Dalsbruk at 10:00 and returns at 16:00. During the day, a meal: fish or vegetable soup, is served on board the yacht.