By nature, Norpas has from its very beginning been a multinational citizen of the world. Its strong connections to countries by the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas in particular are very apparent in our course of action.

The association’s national and international cooperation is being fortified by expanding our vision into a network. Its goal is to improve the connections within and enable the mobility of artisticly integrous and often non-commercial programme.

Throughout the years Norpas ry has gathered together an international cooperative network of artists and producers. It consists of 50 operators mainly from Finland, Russia and Spain. In addition we have partners from Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia. Any entity who operates in the field of artistic events in diverse fashion is eligible for joining the network.


The networking of cultural festivals and producers in Europe is funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation. Deviating from the original plan, activities as part of the venture will be executed in 2021 due to traveling restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Networking destinations abroad:

1. Isole che Parlano – Sardinia, Italu (September 2020)

To be fulfilled in 2021 as permitted by Covid-19 travelling restrictions:
1. Milano Linecheck Music Meeting – Milan, Italy
2. Black Sky White -teatteri – Moscow, Russia
3. Pravo Ljudski – Sarajevo, Bosnia–Herzegovina 
4. Oerol – Terschelling, Netherlands 
5. Gandula records ja Fabra i Coats – Barcelona, Spain 

Executive Director Ville Laitinen and Artistic Director Matias Kauppi are responsible for activities part of the networking venture.


Norpas ry is also involved in the planning of a Nordic joint-production with three other festivals.

The project has been granted 20 000 euros by Nordic Culture Point, and is coordinated from Copenhagen, Denmark, by Salaam Film & Dialog. Other partners are Antirasistiska Filmdagar in Malmö, Sweden, and in Sänna, Estonia, Finno-Ugric Film Festival.

Representing Norpas ry in the project in 2021 were Matias Kauppi and Ronja Tammenpää. Additionally, we are looking for volunteers from Finland who have skills in working with children and/or seniors in the cultural industry.

Explore the Gap networking gatherings, as permitted by Covid-19 restrictions:
– Festival Norpas – Dalsbruk, Finland – August 4–8, 2021
– Bornholm, Denmark 1.-4.12.2021