Modern Circus Group Acting for Climate - excerpts from the BARK performance

Esiintyjät: Heidi Miikki & Stina Kopra

Duration: 30 minutes

Contemporary circus in trees and treetops! BARK is a forest show that is imported and recreated according to the specificity of each forest. The protagonists of the performance are the forest, the land and the trees with whom the performers and the audience together create an experience. The work offers a way to experience the local forest from a new perspective that activates all the senses.

The performance combines acrobatics, vertical dance, physical theatre and dance with soundscapes and poetic text. It all takes place in, with and around trees. The performance aims to convey a sensory experience and change our perception of human nature as part of the biosphere.

Festival Norpak will feature excerpts from Acting for Climate's BARK performance, performed by duo Heidi Miikki and Stina Kopra. The performance will be part of Sunday's Art by the Sea programme.

Acting for Climate is a Danish-Norwegian contemporary circus group that works at the intersection of art and environmental protection. Founded in 2015, the group aims to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future.

Acting for Climate also organises a two-hour environmental workshop in Norpas.