Verde Prato

SAT 5.8.

Verde Prato is born in the new wave of Spanish female songwriters who started some years ago, searching for identity through sound. Verde Prato's stripped-down but original neo-folk brings a warm breeze straight from the forests of the Basque Country.

The Basque musician's first album Kondaira eder hura (2021) was one of the most awarded albums of the year in Spain. The debut album has already been followed by the long-player Jaikiera and the EP Euskal Pop Erradikala, which features four original interpretations of classics from the Basque radical rock movement of the 1980s (euskal rock erradikala). Verde prato interprets these revered classics and creates a new feminine vision of them.

Verde Prato's latest album Adoretua means courage. It is the songwriter's brightest album, with genres ranging from tragic bolero to pop. The album is less conceptual than its predecessors, more freely composed and intimate, with themes of love, eroticism, disappointment, family, childhood, loneliness and dreams. Adoretua was released in March this year and Verde Prato will be playing all the main music festivals in Spain this year. The Norpacas show will be Verde Prato's debut in Finland.