Art by the Sea

Anni Kytömäki, Viola Räisänen, Iina Marja-aho,  James McBeth,  Clément Le Roux, Taiteilijakollektiivi  KUNST,  Acting for Climate -sirkusryhmä

Sun 6.8.

The Sunday programme of the Norpas Festival is anchored in the ancient rock like a forest and rooted in the power of nature. Långsidan-Purunpää on the island of Kemiö is unique in southern Finland, with well over ten kilometres of untouched coastline. The Sunday programme of the Norpas festival takes the audience to the magnificent landscape of the archipelago.

Art reminds us of the inseparable connection between man and nature, the importance of free space and permanence. Storytelling intertwines generations. Though times change, the connection to nature remains. People change, rocks remain. We can relate to the longevity of time as trees and music, centuries-old, surround us. The ancient trees of the archipelago sigh as Johann Sebastian Bach's music vibrates with the echo of cello and viola.

Acrobats cross boundaries as they entwine themselves in the trees. Can trees be admired, approached, sensed, appreciated and respected like any living creature? What would it be like to be a squirrel for whom the tree is home and the forest the universe? Or what about a human being who blends into the forest and leaves no traces?

The preservation of the coastline and forests from human economic exploitation is not a coincidence. Whenever necessary, the free space of nature has been defended through letters, addresses and demonstrations. Now the forest breathes protected, but the sea that washes its shores awaits a better future.

The event will last around three hours and the performances will take place along a 1.5 km route. The terrain is rocky and wooded, with climbs and descents.


  • Author Anni Kytömäki, known for her award-winning novels, and violinist Viola Räisänen will perform a one-hour narrative concert based on Kytömäki's novel Kivitasku.
  • Viola player Iina Marja-aho and cellist James McBeth will play Bach for the old trees of the archipelago.
  • Magician, illusionist and storyteller Clément Le Roux draws on his seafaring past to create his performance.
  • The artists' collective Kunst explores absence and presence in their performance. The artists are Christina Holmlund, Pia Paldanius, Sirpa Päivinen, Anu Suhonen and Julia Weckman.
  • Acting for Climate is a performing arts community that works with art and environmental protection. Excerpts from Bark is the group's poetic dance and acrobatics performance with the trees.

RYHMÄ I, Klo 10:00-15:30, sis ruokailu  |  40€ (MUKANA OLEVA LAPSI 5€) 

There will be a shuttle bus to the performance at 10:00 from in front of the Verstas. Return at 15:30. The performance includes lunch at award-winning Sami Tallberg's Ateljé restaurant at Södelångvik Manor. The meal includes a starter, optional main course, optional dessert + coffee and wild herb tea.

Tickets from the web shop. Buy your ticket now!

RYHMÄ II, Klo 11-15 |  5€ / 20€ 

There will be a shuttle bus to the performance at 11:00 from in front of the Verstas. Return at 15:00.

If you have any Norpas wristband, you can buy a €5 ticket. Without a wristband, the programme costs €20.

Tickets from the web shop. Buy your ticket now!