Pe 4.8.

Sähköpaimen performs archaic machine music with the sounds of Finnish, Karelian and Ingria traditional music, glide and machine beats, sound mixing and a modular synthesizer.

The concert in Norpas festival is a part of Sähköpaimen’s record release tour for the new album Hämärä. 

Hämärä (dusk or twilight) is a toned moment between light and shadow, new and old. It is apt to describe Sähköpaimen’s modern folk music. Hämärä is momentary and transformative, it is a magical moment of transition and danger where anything can happen. 

Twilight moments have been important for the transition of folklore. Families and close ones have gathered together to pass on stories, songs and beliefs from one generation to another. Sähköpaimen also draws on another meaning of hämärä, which means odd or obscure in Finnish. The album includes strange folk tales and curious instruments from the twilight zone. They come not only from Finno-Ugric regions, but also from our Nordic neighbours and the Italian Alps. 

Eero Grundström: electronic instruments

Amanda Kauranne: vocals, looping and mouthharp

Kirsi Ojala: wind instruments and mouthharp

The concert tour is supported by Taiteen edistämiskeskus.