FRI 4.8.

Rauhatäti started his career as a rapper in 2007, appearing on several albums by Finnish-language rappers and touring with the Asa & Jätkäjätkät band. Soon she went solo and since that she has toured Finland performing music from her two long-playing albums (Labyrintti 2014, Palasia 2019). Rauhatäti's lyrics are strongly socially charged, but the artist's production also includes self irony humor and more poetic spoken word lyrics.

Now Rauhatäti has joined forces with musician Sara Puljula! Puljula, who has a long career in music, adds her own spice to the electronic soundscape with percussion and double bass.

Sara Puljula has a Masters in Music from the Folk Music Department of the Sibelius Academy, playing double bass, percussion and vocals. A freelance musician with a wide range of experience, she has worked as a teacher at the Sibelius Academy and at the Central Ostrobothnia and Joensuu Universities of Applied Sciences. The Rovaniemi-based bassist and lyricist plays in bands such as Johanna Juhola Reaktori and Lehtojärven Hirvenpää. Puljula is a well-known professional theatre musician and has performed in various music and dance productions at the Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki City Theatre, Svenska Theatre and has played on almost 100 recordings and in films (e.g. Sisu 2023). He has also worked as a theatre conductor at the Finnish National Theatre and Åbo Svenska Teater.

The combined voice of two strong Laplanders penetrates directly into the musical nerve, which inevitably makes the body move. Dancing is guaranteed!

Sara Puljula