THUR 3.8.

In Luiro's music, light sparkles on the waves of a free-flowing northern river and speaks of the eternal timelessness of music. Luiro's acoustic instruments and poetic lyrics invite the listener on a journey into stories of everyday life, nature and love.

Luiro is now making a comeback after a break of almost twenty years. Luiro was founded in 2000 by Hanna and Hermanni Yli-Tepsa and Ville Nurkkala, who lived as roommates in Etelä-Haaga, Helsinki. The trio performed in marginal venues at various festivals such as Oranssi ry or outdoor events and gained a small cult following with their famous music, which today could be called progressive indie folk. Luiro is now joined by drummer Tuukka Haapakorpi.

Hanna Yli-Tepsa: vocals and keyboards

Hermanni Yli-Tepsa: violin and double bass

Ville Nurkkala: guitars

Tuukka Haapakorpi: percussion