Electro Ma Non Troppo

SAT 5.8.

Electro ma non troppo is a duo that creates between electronic music and baroque, looking for similarities and differences. The cornerstones of the group's music are classical baroque composers such as Purcell, Händel or Vivaldi, whose compositions the duo adapts to the contemporary soundscape, bringing them to life in a new way for night time, dancing and celebrating.

Electro ma non troppo is rave music from the middle ages. It's rave Vivaldi, Bach with a synthesizer that is out of control. The duo plays classical hits from four hundred years ago.

It seems that in the age we live in, it is no longer possible to create anything that is not somehow vintage or retro. Electro ma non troppo, Ignasi Bosch (production, programming, synthesizers) and Neus Llorens (sound and sampler) take this statement more than seriously, turn it into a serious caricature and take it all the way. They pick their favourites from 17th and 18th century music and give them a sound suitable for this century's ears.