Anni Kytömäki and Viola Räisänen: Kivitasku - A Storytelling Forest Concert

Sun 6.8.

"Northern wheatear - A Storytelling Forest Concert" is a project by author Anni Kytömäki and violinist Viola Räisänen, where the audience is guided into the forest to a varied programme of word art, classical music and nature. Forest concerts have been organized all over Finland since 2018. 

"The idea of collaboration came up when we were thinking about how to highlight the importance of forests through art. Since music, literature and nature are important to both of us, we decided to create a series of events that combine these elements. My novels provide the forest concerts with a narrative content, the music draws on the classical tradition and the forests across Finland provide a tangible environment in which to walk." - Anni Kytömäki

The author and violinist will bring a forest concert based on Kytömäki's novel “Kivitasku” to the Norpas Festival. The performance will be in Finnish.

Performance is part of the Art by the Sea -program.