Kholod Hawash

Masuuni Gallery 3.-6.8.

Kholod Hawash is an Iraqi-born artist whose work deals with femininity. "My work explores a woman's relationship with the world, her environment and her homeland. Woman is like a flower that grows in specific conditions and can nourish the world around her, both as a mother and as a beloved." 

Kholod uses the traditional sewing technique used to make Iraqi quilts and blankets. She says her inspiration and themes come from folklore, myths and old stories from her home country. Nature is also always present in the works, and is an essential part of the artist's life experience. 

Kholod's textile art explores the complex history of culture and society. She openly criticizes the patriarchal customs, dogmas and values of the Middle East that do not allow women to be brave and lead to inequality among women.

"In my work, I strive to create an original synthesis of myself, my emotions, my critical thinking and my craft. I strive for a form that consists of realism and irony, while revealing the kind of society we women live in."

Kholod has come to Finland through the Artists at Risk programme and is currently living in Helsinki.

This years Norpas-poster uses Kholods work "Life game".