The programme is out now! Check it out here!

Festival Norpas 1 day pass (Fri or Sat) costs 50€. 2 days pass (Fri-Sat) costs 90€. The ticket gets you into all the day's performances, except for the workshops, which require a separate ticket. The pass will get you into the events, but please note that the arenas are of different sizes. By arriving in time before the event, you can guarantee your place. Buy your tickets in the Norpas online shop!

Sunday's programme offers a wide choice:

The Art and the Sea programme takes the audience to the forest and seaside nature trail of Kemiönsaari. On the nature trail we will see the following

Anni Kytömäki ja Viola RäisänenSananjalka ja tuulen sävel -show

Clément Le Roux, Magician

KUNST, performans

Iina Marja-aho ja James Mc Beth, string duo

There is a shuttle bus to the nature trail, for which you must buy a ticket from the online shop of Norpas. It is also possible to buy a ticket for the programme, which includes lunch at the Söderlångvik restaurant Ateljé Sami Tallberg.

On Sunday, there is also the possibility to hop on board the Eugenia boat. This programme will be published later.

If you prefer to stay in the festival area on Sunday, there will be screenings of re-runs of films at Bio Pony. You can access the films with a festival wristband or by buying a single ticket at the cinema.


There are accommodation options available at Taalintehdas and Kemiönsaari. In addition Norpas provides a mattress accommodation at the school of Taalintehdas. There's also a camping area and marina in Taalintehdas.

Find more information here.

Drinking water and Toilets

The water stations are located at the festival site and at the market square on the wall of K-Kompis. Toilets can be found inside of Verstas or in front of Valimo. Also at the market square, Bio Pony and Ullmans Villa. Accessible toilets are located at Verstas and the market square.


The festival takes place across the village of Taalintehdas and Kubu and majority of the venues are not completely accessible. The ticket sellers and other volunteers will aid if needed. If you require any help, you can be in contact in advance to the info-phone 045 2361861.

The volunteers are allowed free entry to the shows, but should book in advance. The workshops with limited slots and those outside of the festival pass should also be booked in advance.

For further accessibility information please contact

We apologise that the festival site is not for all an accessible area.

Help in harrassment situations

Norpas doesn’t tolerate any kind of harassment, discriminative or otherwise inappropriate behaviour. If you face any harassment please speak to the festival staff, first-aid group or the security immediately.


Additional services

Only card payments are accepted at the festival site. 

The festival is located next to a pond, lake and the sea, available to jump into for a swim at anytime.

The festival- and camping sites have many water stations. Swimming and drinking water are free.

Services at Taalintehdas

Everything is within walking distance at Taalintehdas. The center lies within 200m from the festival site and grocery stores, an ATM, Alko, restaurants, library, guest boat harbour, health center, pharmacy, post office/ matkahuolto and cafes can be found there. The market square is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 8-13.

The Residence is located very close to a large lake and to the sea and there are peaceful forests, cliffs and marshes throughout the surrounding area. ​Three beautiful nature trails of varying length begin in Taalintehdas and a multitude of other amazing, natural sights are just a bike ride away. You can set off to explore the Archipelago Sea from the harbour in your own boat or on scheduled, public ferry services.


At the festival site amidst the woods by the pond is an old worker’s sauna “Gamla Bastun” or “Masuunisauna”, which is available for the audience with a 10€ usage fee. Ask for more informstion about opening hours at the info.

Safety and regulations

Norpa has an age limit for only a few screenings, but please remember to be mindful of the youngest and eldest attendees of the festival with your behaviour at all times.

In the evenings a SPR first aid tent and during daytime the medical team are found on the site, you can reach them through the info.


Accreditation is designated for the performers and media- and culture field representatives that work through the festival.

Accreditation is confirmed by sending a brief email to Please include “Accreditation” in the email's title.

Please include a short description of yourself and your reason for applying to accreditation as well as your arrival time and duration of your stay at the festival.

We will contact everyone with approved applications before the beginning of the festival. If your application is approved, your wristband/ festival pass can be claimed at the info with your name.

Lost and Found

All found lost property will be delivered to the info during the festival. After the festival any lost property enquiries should be made within a week to our executive manager at 045 2362861 or