Timo Elomaa: The Last Journey - Life and deeds of photographer Magi Viljanen

Timo Elomaa's documentary about photographer Magi Viljanen will premiere at the Norpas festival.

The film follows Magi's last trip to India in the spring of 2023. Having made her life's work in her own Star Patterns design agency, Magi's true passion has been India, and in particular the traditional desert village of Ludia, to which she has returned regularly for over thirty years. Ludia has become a second home to Magi and its people a second family. She has photographed the village's recovery from the earthquake, the birth of new generations, traditional ceremonies and the everyday miracles of life.

In addition to the village of Ludia, the camera has taken Magi to other parts of the world: a Nepalese prison, orphanages, monasteries and mental hospitals. Although Magi is first and foremost a documentary photographer, her work often breaks the traditional forms of photographic representation, constructing spatial installations of her images, often including sound and text. The Norpas festival has featured Magi's installations and light works in several years and it is expected that Magi's works will continue to create the magical atmosphere of the festival this year.