Volny (RUS)

Ullmans´s villa 4.8. 20:00-21:00

The band Volny (means waves in Russian) was founded in 2012 as the family duo of Germina Gordienko – percussion player of Testo and Rasta Orchestra and Mitia Khramtsov – fiddle player of Dobranotch. 

‘That summer we were having great time at our friend’s farm in Finland. We were staying in the sauna by the lake. There, right on the beach, we played a little concert for his ninety-five-year-old grandmother and her mates from the nursing home. Together we were baking pancakes, drinking coffee and admiring the lake. Soon after that, the old grandmother died. Then we decided we should start a band’

Since that Volny have played many gigs and festivals including Sisto Solar Gathering, YogArt, Trimurti, Digital Ethnica and Stereoleto in Russia and Rapu ja Muikku, Takakesä Reggae Makkara, Katusapuska, Jättömaa and Tusovka Rock in Finland. In 2015 Volny released their debut album Goldenshluger Dub.

Volny combine a traditional fiddle music from all around the world, which Mitia knows a lot, with live looping and drum beats. Mitia’s heavy use of delay and other effects and Germina’s funky drumming gives their music distinctive psychedelic dub feeling.