Tuomo Tammenpää: Amazing Norpas FestivaL

Valimo and Verstas, 3.-7.8.

How does one create a coherent visual language for a festival of free culture? Is it frowned upon to slap a logo on top of an art piece? How can a multi-faceted value system and a non-commercialist approach be branded? Or should it be branded at all? Should it grow free and wild from one year to another without any guidance?

The exhibition presents a look into the visual identity of Festival Norpas, from sketches to printed materials, screens, social media, flags and tags. Tuomo Tammenpää has been responsible for the design of the festival for the first decade of its existence. To celebrate the jubileum we take a step back, examine the body of work and set up the future by talking about the questions posed above.