Saunamummut (Sauna grandmothers) & Tanja - fabled sauna-spells and unforgettable rebirths (FI, RUS)

Gamla Bastun 4.-5.8.

The element of care has always been a part of the Finnish Sauna-culture. Back in the old days, in addition to bathing, the sauna was also a place for giving birth and washing the deceased. A holy place!

The ‘Sauna grandmothers’ follow the footsteps of the Finnish sauna-healers. The grandmothers bathe, whisk with a birch branch, wash and care. Listen and hear. Perhaps even burst into a song during the sauna. 

The ‘Sauna grandmothers’ Kirsti Vikki (65) and Salla Pyykkönen (46) have spent years researching the sauna-culture of Finland and its neighbouring cultures now and in the past. 

"We speak four languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian."

tatjana Šijanova

Tatjana Sijanova has studied under many Russian and international sauna-masters and to this day continues the research on slavic sauna traditions. 

In Tanja’s work the ancient wisdom of our ancestors is combined with the modern knowledge of sauna and sauna-healing.

On Thursday 4.8. Evening in august -Sauna

11:00–13:30 naiset | 15:00– 17:30 ladies | 19:00–21:30 sekasauna. 45 €, Norpas-passeilla 25 €

ON FRIDAY 5.8. Late summer Sauna

11:00– 15:00 ladies 95 €, With Norpas X -pace 75 €.

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