Ripples (NO, FI, DK)

Swallow-laiva, TaalinTehtaan satama, 4.8. 17:00—18:30 ja 7.8. 12:00 –13:15.

The sailing circus performance “Ripples” set sail across the Baltic sea to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future. Combining performing arts and environmental activism, we set sail for hope, for action and for change. 

Performing Acting for Climate (NO) tours the Baltic Sea in the summer of 2022, in collaboration with Festival Norpas (FI) and Hawila Project (DK). Radically challenging the sustainability standards of the performing arts industry, “Ripples” is toured with the sailship Swallow.

The two masted wooden sail ship from 1926, acts both as stage for the performance, home, and means of transport - Ripples is literally fueled by the wind, and the artists sail both day and night between the harbors. With extreme acrobatics all the way up to the top of the 20 meters high masts, the ship as stage, a world-class international team of artists, and a soundscape blending in voices of climate activists all around the world, Ripples is a one of a kind performance.

The performance “Ripples” is directed by Hanne Friis, for whom the project combines high quality performing arts with a real action against the climate crisis. Seven artists alternate contemporary circus, physical theatre, dance, music and storytelling to convey a narrative of hope. Played site-specific on the boat, “Ripples” is an absorbing performance whose aim is to engage minds while entertaining eyes.

The performance is a voyage into the future, into the hopes of a new generation who feels trulyconnected to nature and to what being an artist means. Artistic expression is a powerful tool to empower society, to embody ecological grief and hope for the future within the ship’s magnificent framework. “Ripples” reaches out to people and creates space to reflect. 

In fact, the performance is combined with workshops, approaching artistic communities and local audiences in all the countries where Swallow will dock. Acting for Climate questions the values of our society, inspiring curiosity and discussions, embodies the change that can be achieved in society, starting with sustainable touring. Into the Water (2019) tavoitti tuhansia ihmisiä satamissa ja miljoonia internetissä, muun muassa National Geographicin artikkelin kautta.

“We challenge our times, inspiring people to act towards climate change, to reflect on how humanity treats nature. Let us sail around and enter the harbors and hearts of people”.

- Hanne Friis, director

Tour Plan

15–20 July Holbæk, Denmark
3–7 August Taalintehdas, Finland
10–14 August Helsinki, Finland
18–22 August Roomassaare, Estonia
1–5 September Copenhagen, Denmark
10–14 September Bergheim, Norway