Imagining peace – war defying cartoons (UKR, RUS)

Kulturhus Björkboda 3.-28.8 wed-sö 12–17

War defying cartoons and illustrations in ’Imagining Peace’. The exhibition aims to create a space free of hatred, miltarism and racism - in which a tranquil dialogue through art enables discussion without fixation on nationalities. The exhibition features works from four artists from Russian backgrounds and one from a Ukrainian background.

The artists of Ukrainian background, Julia Aleksejeva, now an artist and researcher living in the United States, explores the background and consequences of the Ukranian war in her cartoons. Apahontsits and Lijia Matvejeva are Russian artists now living in exile in Tbilisi and Berlin. Their work reflects the sorrows caused by the war but also the hopefullness for a different kind of world without conflict. The exhibition also features artists Neonlucifer and Igor Bognadov from Moscow studio ‘Vicious Membrane’, for who the venue grants an opportunity to showcase anti-war opinions no longer possible in Russia.

The exhibition shows its compassion towards both Ukrainian and Russian artists with war defying voices.

The exhibition is curated and envisioned by comic artist Sanna Hukkanen and producer Kerttu Matinpuro, who both have background with the peace movement and experiences of cultural collaboration in Russia. 

The authors can be met on Friday at 16:00 in Kubu, which can be reached by bus from Taalintehta at 15:25 and return by carpool leaving at 16:45, or by bus at 17:39.