Nordic puppet ambassadors: R

Verstas 6.8. 11:00.

Can you perform a circus trick with grandma’s old porcelain and what will happen if you do? How do you act, when the floor is lava? The world is filled with the most intriguing items, gadgets and dishes, valuable items and junk that we are not allowed to touch. The world is also filled with surprising events, which we end up in because of these items.

R is a cheerful invitation to come play. It misuses items creatively, mixes play and reality and grabs onto things that are relevant for its target audience.

The whole family, especially the 3-6 year olds, can enjoy this item theater that explores balance. It finds joy in things that are topical for the age group: learning new things, playing, and the possibility that everything could go wrong.

The performance is bilingual (Finnish - Swedish).

Norpas X pace

Esityksen tuottaa Sagalundin museo ja lastenkulttuurikeskus