JOUKO OLLIKAINEN: Drawing without fear

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In Jouko Ollikainen’s Registering-drawing workshops one taps into natural, spontaneous creativeness. The one hour workshop forms a deep but relaxed and practical entity, the primary aim of which is to strengthen the inner state of pure being, where creativeness is born. The workshop consists of many fast 10, 15 and 30 second exercises. Up-down-exercises are carried out to trick the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The workshop is a rewarding experience for those as well who have never really drawn. The Registered works never fail, because the fast pace does not leave room for self-criticism.

Ollikainen has taught illustration techniques in many schools for 20 years. 

11:00–12:00 | 12:30–13:30 | 14:00–15:00 | 15:30–16:30

Free. Reserve your place at Norpas-info during the festiva..