Jouko Ollikainen: In the Middle of Everything

Kulturhus Björkboda, 3.-28.8. 12:00–17:00

Through his exhibition, Jouko Ollikainen explores the sudden nature of death, living in the moment and how these themes present themselves in visual art. The idea for the exhibit was born when the artist himself understood that everything can end suddenly, in the middle of everything. The artworks showcase that exact moment when a person is in the middle of all the unfinished work visible from the outside and then their soul is moved somewhere else. The artworks are like icons of everyday life, that gently remind us of the importance of living in the moment and of the finiteness of life. When we die, we are always ready, even though from the outside it would look like it happened in the middle of everything.

The abandoned paintings that have served as an inspiration to the artworks have been gathered by Ollikainen from second hand stores’ “take for free” sections. As an artist Ollikainen has always felt sympathy towards abandoned paintings, whose time has come to an end and who no-one wants to see anymore.

Jouko Ollikainen has created and studied art for over 30 years. Inspired by everyday life, he finds new ways to view art while questioning things, phenomena and attitudes. 

3.8. 13:15 opening

Carpools from in front of Vertstas at 13:00. There is also a bus from Taalintehdas at 13:00, stop at Björkboda school. You can get back to Taalintehdas by bus, which leaves at 14:47.