Lining language– comics from the Finno-ugrian world

Masuunigalleria 4.-7.8. to-la 11–18, su 11–16.

Living language is a community art project that aims to further the use of endangered languages through comics and simultaneously support the preservation of these languages. The project organized comics workshops for professionals and students who work with their own language in Russia, Norway, Estonia and Finland between the years 2015-2019. The people who have drawn the comics in the exhibition are minority language speaking journalists, teachers, librarians, kindergarten teachers, museum workers, people working in culture and organization activists. Their comics open a view into the history and traditions of small language groups and show the modern challenges that they face under the pressure of mainstream culture. The exhibition can be visited with the directors of the project, cartoonist Sanna Hukkanen and translator, comics-activist Anna Voronkova.

4.8. 11:00 opening

6.8. at 13:00–14:30 o´clock nproducers of the exhibition Sanna Hukkanen and Anna Voronkova are available.