Aurea Tanttu

Fjällstugan, 3.-7.8, ke-la 11–18, su 11-16

Aurea Tanttu (born 1996) has graduated from the London University of The Arts in 2019 as a painter. Her central tools in creating art are oil paints, drawing and photographs. Tanttu is interested in how re-interpreting photographs through painting brings new depths to the picture and often she does use photographs as the source of her work.Through her artistic process the picture travels to the borders of imagination. In her work, Tanttu pursues a balanced dialogue between the materialistic and spiritual sides of painting. Themes like longing after water and returning home are reflected in swimming pools, water towers, mammals and bodies of water. These are often repeated as motifs in Tanttu’s work. At the moment, Tanttu’s work explores meeting the gaze of a human or an animal, like it would be a window to the inner wildness of humans.

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